22 November 2006

Two Questions

A couple of weeks ago Ms Rice and Mr Samir Ja'Ja' went on record for stating that they expected assassinations of prominent figures. The prediction was even detailed as Ja'Ja' expected ministers to be assassinated. At the same time news broke of gun silencers crossing through the airport directed to the American Embassy in Lebanon.
Yesterday a minister was assassinated and a silencer was used.

First question: How did they know?
Second question: Why is it that there was practically no protection or security around Minister Pierre Gemayel?

Who has the answers?


Anonymous said...

Bashir- Are you the eye doctor from Syria. Silencers didn't go through the American Embassy at all. This is rumor, hype, a lie. Try blaming Israel next. Then blame the French. Then blame the UK. Cut the crap you idiot!!

bech said...

Check this stupid anonymous:



Anonymous said...

What is your reference? Al Akhbar
When is it published? Today, 22nd November 2006.
Very convenient, wouldn't you think so?
Sigh ...

That makes Al Akhbar i.e. and whichever ass it kisses be very reliable and definitely not calling for a civil war and tension between the Lebanese. Bravo to the big old ass ... inshallah this time he won't get away without 'mou7asabe'.

Mustapha said...


It's called intelligence, they won't tell you their sources which could be exposed.

Intelligence agencies always predict this kind of stuff. like for example the phone "chatters" on the wake of September 11 or the various predictions in the UK (we are expecting a major terrorist attack on a bridge..etc)

Bashir, don't follow the conspiracy theorists and please don't conclude that Saad Killed his father or the CIA committed September 11.

bech said...

Even if it's al-akhbar that defends a specific line, you need to take into account these information. they could be important don't dismiss everything .
check this today, more on teh silencer:
just read take your time. take a deep breath also.

nobody said that hariri or gemayel are killing in their own families. There are other variables. plus 14 of march is not a monolithic block

bech said...

sorry made a mistake:


Anonymous said...

hello anonyme
bachir is only asking, dont act like the syrian and kill him after calling him an idiot just because he asked a simple question, come on it is not allowed to even ask what a syrian style you have...;

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Pierre Gemayel was a leader of The Phalange (“Al Kataeb” in Arabic), an overtly Fascist Christian group modeled after Franco’s Hispanic version of the Nazi Party called El Movimiento Falangista: not really the standard textbook definition of a “democrat”… even by the Middle-East’s notoriously low standards!

Unfortunately, the other members of Lebanon’s corrupt coalition government aren’t much better: apart from the neo-Nazis mentioned earlier, the other pillar of that government is made of a shady group of pro-Saudi Islamist technocrats called The Future Movement- a paradoxical appellation for a party advocating the strict application of laws dating from the 7th century AD...

Islamic terrorists and Christian neo-Nazis: these are the people Bush and Olmert rely on to advance the cause of freedom in Lebanon.

Who said the Neocons aren’t always “intellectually honest”?

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...


Debbie Livni, Israel’s flamboyant foreign minister, just gave an interview to reporters in Jerusalem: interestingly, she said Israel supports the “moderate” coalition government of Lebanon led by Prime Minister Fuad Saniura [recall: that’s the sinister assortment of "Christian" Neo-Nazis and pro-Saudi Islamist technocrats].

This is what she had to say:
"The news from Lebanon is another example of the kind of region, the kind of
neighborhood we are living in," Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni said. "This
is between moderates and extremists."

Notice the use of the “tough neighborhood” metaphor used by Donald Rumsfeld back in March 2003 to justify the inaction of US troops standing idly while looters pillaged museums at will and burned Catholic churches and Sunni mosques across Baghdad.

This expression is actually a staple of American rightwing discourse: the south side of Chicago and the suburbs of Detroit are “tough neighborhoods” infested by Niggers and Ayrabz living lazily off welfare subsidies while honest (read: White) blue collars are working overtime!

Interestingly, Debbie Livni happens to be the daughter of Eitan Livni, a Polish-born member of the Irgun terrorist group, and one of the cofounders of the rightwing Likud party.

You may recall that Irgun was an openly Fascist Jewish organization, armed and funded by the Duce Benito Mussolini during World War II...

2nd Generation Fascists of the world unite!

Anonymous said...

anonymous... are you leb?

Anonymous said...

yi man sory nseena na3mil min eemtak, here you go: are you leb ya akhu el sharmuta? (ya zalami this word seems custom made just for u)

Hilal CHOUMAN said...

Anonymous said...
What is your reference? Al Akhbar
When is it published? Today, 22nd November 2006.
Very convenient, wouldn't you think so?
Sigh ...


- just a technical remark, it was published like month ago, but there is a technical error in the site that always show the TODAY date.. you seem not to follow news, i guess assafir talked about it then, and don't tell me the crap about assafir being a syrian newspaper, else 14 march leaders won't accept doing interviews with it, no?

Anonymous said...

You should look inside your own country instead of blaming the US. Hezballah is trying to take over Lebanon along side Syria and Iran.

bech said...

You should look inside your own country instead of blaming the US. Hezballah is trying to take over Lebanon along side Syria and Iran.

hehehe i agree with the first part of your sentence "you should look inside your own country" but then it completely contradicts the last part of your last sentence "along side Syria and Iran"

hahahah I guess you guys will never learn.. Hizbullah eh? tell me one thing Hizbullah won apart from not being able to topple the defunct government?

Hamze said...

I have never considered Frangiyeh to be an uncontroversial personality, but what he said makes perfect sense.

1-the 14th of March had no card to play.
2- 14th of March advisors'-in akkar- was retreating.
2-Jmayel was supposedly suggested by Hariri for presidential election (as per al-akhbar or addiyar, I can’t remember)
2- Some runner-up's for that presidential election from the 14th of March would kill for that position.
3-The same runner-up's are war criminals.
4-Killing Jmayyel would unify whatever left of the christian vote within 14th of March.
5-14th of March can get a break and hope for the cancellation or postponing of the demonstrations to take them out of power.
as for Syria, they have already gotten what they wanted, a larger role in the mid-east.. by that I mean, a large role in Iraq OK'ed by the US. Also, their friends in Lebanon were about to turn the table against their enemies, so I dont see what they have gained from this.

and Anonymous. Please have the guts to be...non-ananymous

Anonymous said...

anonymous... there is something u should clearly understand, wether we choose hizballah, or 14march, it is our choice, u dont have the right to stick ur nose in, its our lebanon, our hizballah, our 14march, this is lebanese internal shit, u tried war to fuck hizbalah up it didnt work, either try again n lets kick ur ass's again, or just leave us the fuck alone and live with it

Anonymous said...

notorious - You talk out of your ass. My family, who live in Lebanon feel the same way I do.

If you don't wake up and smell the roses, you will not have a Lebanon to try to call your own.

Are you stupid or what. Get your head out of your ass and look around. Look what your "fellow countrymen" Hezbollah caused in your Lebanon all with total disregard toward other Lebanese. They attempted to cripple an entire country with the intent to take it over.

Just open your eyes before it is too late.

Angry Anarchist said...

How did they "know"? Why, long live the CIA. And if it happened under the noses of the CIA, it makes the CIA complicit if not directly responsible. As per the argument of those who insist no one but Syria could've been responsible for Hariri's murder. I love it when their arguments can be used against them. The more desperate they become, the more ridiculous their arguments are. The mask is falling, and I am informed that many supporters of Hariri were disgusted at the latest political festival. Finally people are seeing through these people. People accuse HezbAllah of being allied to Syria and Iran, but with enemies like these, who needs allies/friends?

Sophia said...

I think no one is dumb in Lebanon except those who want to be willingly.

Anonymous said...

You blame America. Then you say it is a Lebanese problem, then you blame the CIA.

The CIA is an American agency, not desgned to monitor activities of your country. They, years ago, pegged Hezbahhah as a terrorist organization. You fought that tag and ignored the warnings.

You on the otherhand, praised their presence on your streets.

Look where it has gotten you now. Duhhhhhhhhhh!

Anonymous said...

1st its not the anonymous thtv been 'blablabla'' all the time long w hey u shud really give urself a name so that ppl can tok freely with that gr8 person!!!
w hey hush up .. all tok abt free tokin rights bas here its shitt becoz u know nothing..hey even the political parties in lebanon that shows 2 be ''anti-hezballah'' are indeed knowin how great indeed those parties are .. w am not with them am lebanese with noone bas i can see thru my eyes n i can read pure politics..the war tht passed last summer was bein ''cooked'' by both hezballa n israel so its not the case 2 blame who threw the 1st stone on the other,,w hello even with all li wsolnelo am happy full of joy n proud becoz the whole world was pissed off n the ''lebanese majority'' nba5a3o wthout usin biger words:)..so just stop playin another game the us game the lil one after failin wth the big war..the day wont com agn wen us or french or syrians or whomever just sitt agn in lebanon playin chess with us...thats so far

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


I will try to translate what you wrote later :-)

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