29 March 2010

"This Time We Went Too Far"

The simmering discontent with Israeli conduct reached a boiling point in December 2008 when Israel invaded Gaza. The merciless Israeli assault on a defenseless civilian population evoked widespread shock and disgust. Deep fissures opened up in the Jewish communities, especially among the younger generations. Many of Israel’s erstwhile supporters who did not vocally dissent chose to remain silent rather than defend the indefensible.
Part of the forward in Norman G. Finkelstein's new book: "This Time We Went Too Far, Truth and Consequences of the Gaza Invasion"


baresytapas said...

I reached this blog by accident, but I found that has a very interesting content. Good job. A greeting.

Ibrahimblogs said...

This time indeed we went too far. The "merciless" assault on a "defenseless civilian population" was indeed disgusting!!

This is Ibrahim from Israeli Uncensored News


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