29 March 2009

Lebanon is Mouseland

Just watch the clip.
Funny but true about us and our elections, sooo true it's pathetic. It fits us like it was tailor-made for the Lebanese.

17 March 2009

"Israel's" crimes against Lebanon continues

Israel deliberately flooded Lebanese farmlands with excess rainwater from an Israeli orchard, located off the southern town of Mais al-Jabal [South Lebanon] early Tuesday ruining crops and properties.
Tuesday's flooding is part of a systematic practice by the Israeli authorities to turn the highly-fertile land into swamps by channeling rainwater into the fields via trenches, which were dug for that purpose.
Four candles will be lit to the glory of God and the three Prophets if the Fourteener, who was screaming on the pulpit in Biel last Saturday, mentions this crime, even if without fervor, even remotely...

15 March 2009

Fourteener IQ Test

Mark with an arrow the: 1-wimps 2-liars 3-warmongers 4-corruption perpetrators 5-war criminals 6-war criminal cook 7-chameleons (oops, this is for another test) ...

photo credit: 14 March Conference at Biel 2009

13 March 2009

Closed Zone Gaza

10 March 2009

Santino has autonoetic consciousness

"I'm personally convinced that at least chimps do plan for future needs, that they do have this autonoetic consciousness*" Dr Osvath said. A conclusion that was made upon observing Santino, a chimpanzee at the zoo in the city north of Stockholm. Santino calmly collected stones and stored them to be used later as missiles. Santino was also observed as having the ability to learn and do things that furthered his cause.

A greater scientific feat would now be to find out whether the specie inhabiting Greater Lebanon possesses autonoetic consciousness and if not (highly probable) how to induce or infuse it into them.

*Autonoetic consciousness constitutes of the ability to remember and mentally relive past events in addition to imagining the future and making long term plans.

08 March 2009

Abooouuuut, FACE

Commander in Chief of the enlightened-sectarian-futuristic-racist-life-lovers-hookah-puffers-fourteeners has delivered his assertive and snappy command: "about FACE!"; the disciplined lieutenants of the fourteeners' troops immediately complied. Suddenly, as if through divine revelation, they discovered that Syria can play "an important and constructive role" in the Middle East. Parroting their CIC, the lieutenants started fitting the new view into the sacred slogans of democratic and independent Lebanon; land of the free miracles and sovereign war-criminals turned into saint-leaders.
Compared to this CIC and his lieutenants, the General stands out as a visionary who is a couple of steps ahead of many.

Naffikh alayha tanjali.

07 March 2009

Raging against Israel's Apartheid

Israeli Apartheid Week 2009
: a week dedicated to raise awareness to the Israel's Apartheid practices against Palestinians.
Weeks and weeks of never ending rage is needed to bring the world out of its slumber and into recognizing the atrocities committed by zionists in occupied Palestine.


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