06 December 2009

Stop Killing Children

The Coalition to Stop $30 Billion to Israel launched a billboard campaign calling on the public to take action against the US military aid supplied to Israel.

Visit Stop30Billion.com


worriedlebanese said...

I wonder how effective such a campaign is. The veiled girl will certainly appeal to muslims worldwide. But the are already sympathetic to the Palestinian struggle and hostile toward Israel. So there's no benefit there.
But for a western audience, the veiled girl is likely to be off-putting. and the message "stop killing children" will easily be targeted by pro-Israel groups as anti-Israeli, anti-semitic and what have you.

I find the campaign rather puzzling. If I were to do a campaign against military aid, I'll stress the fact that it is one of Israel's biggest industries, that Israel is one of the biggest traders of weapons. So basically, tax money is being pumped into a foreign owned and operated profitable business!

Moussa Bashir said...

WL, you raise very good and valid points


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