30 November 2009

Two minarets. One in Zurich, one in Geneva.

"And now Switzerland, the country that once hosted the first Zionist Congress in Basel, must live with its once-upon-a-time image as a tolerant and enlightened country shattered by reactionary bigotry in a country whose Muslim population is barely 6% out of a total population of 7.5 million. Fewer than 20% of Switzerland's Muslims practice their faith. Switzerland's entire census of minarets adds up to two. Two minarets. One in Zurich, one in Geneva. Not that it would have, or should have, made a difference if there were 10. Or 100. Or 1,000. There is no difference between a minaret and a church steeple. Neither has a claim greater or lesser than the other on faith. Both can be equally imposing visually and off-putting, or comforting, to the ears: churches have their bells, which can be infernal even to well-mannered Christian ears, and minarets have their muezzin's chants which, for all their beauty, can get on one's nerves in the middle of a nappy afternoon." more...

29 November 2009

Time Will Tell

Oh, ma children are cryin'.
Oh, children, weep no more!
Oh, ma sycamore tree, saw the freedom tree.
All you ... have spoke:
Oh, children, weep no more;
Weep no more: children, weep no more!

15 November 2009

In and Out of Proportion

Hilariously ugly is when the pedestal is too large for the monument.
The harder they fall is when the monument is too large for the pedestal.

13 November 2009

Young women in Fallujah are terrified of having children

"Young women in Fallujah in Iraq are terrified of having children because of the increasing number of babies born grotesquely deformed, with no heads, two heads, a single eye in their foreheads, scaly bodies or missing limbs. In addition, young children in Fallujah are now experiencing hideous cancers and leukaemias. These deformities are now well documented, for example in television documentaries on SKY UK on September 1 2009, and on SKY UK June 2008. Our direct contact with doctors in Fallujah report that: In September 2009, Fallujah General Hospital had 170 new born babies, 24% of whom were dead within the first seven days, a staggering 75% of the dead babies were classified as deformed."

Will the UN or the USA or the UK ever acknowledge this serious problem in Iraq specifically in Fallujah, Basra, Baghdad and Al - Najaf? Will they implement the cleaning up of toxic materials that was used by the occupying forces to "bring democracy" to the people of Iraq? Was the use of Depleted Uranium and White Phosphorus, among other deadly and toxic weapons, necessary for the Birth of the "New Middle East"? Was it worth it? Just wondering...

Migrant workers face abuse in Lebanon

October was a deadly month for female domestic workers in Lebanon. At least six have died under mysterious circumstances, constituting a "clear pattern that cannot be ignored," Human Rights Watch researcher Nadim Houry told the Daily Star.

Ethiopian (and all other nationalities of domestic workers in Lebanon) Suicide Blog is worthy of a visit.

Video below, dated 22 August 2009, by Al-Jazeera:

“Kteer mdaprass,” (I’m very depressed)

"Lebanon ranks as one of the most highly depressed nations in the world, with 6.6% of the Lebanese population suffering from some form of depression, according to recent statistics produced by a Harvard Medical School and World Health Organization (WHO) joint study. The study lists Lebanon next to the other most dejected nations of the world, including the US (9.6%) at the top, Ukraine (9.1%), France (8.5%) and the Netherlands (6.9%).

“Kteer mdaprass,” (I’m very depressed): “mdaprass,” a Lebanese-Arabic adaptation of the English word “depressed,” was coined by Lebanese youth and is widely used in colloquial speech, understood as a casual expression of a state of utter frustration and dejection."

For more on this issue go to NowLebanon...

08 November 2009

UrShalim by Any Name is Always Quds Al Aqdaas - قدس الاقداس

Contrary to the Arrogant Zionist claim that the Apartheid State of "Israel" invented the name "UrShalim", the fact is that this name is so ancient, it even predates Judaism. And it certainly is many thousand years older than any Racist Zionist. (You go do your research.)

Zionists have Orwellianly tarnished everything they have ever touched or pronounced. After forcefully and illegally occupying a Land that is not theirs and after massacring its people (Palestinians) and after lying and creating chaos and pain where ever they set foot, they created a naming committee that was given the task of erasing the names of thousands of Arab places, including those of hills, valleys and springs, and creating Hebrew names in their place.
Ben Gurion, told the committee: “We are obliged to remove the Arabic names for reasons of state.”
This was and still is the reason for every atrocity that the Zionist commit.

Today, the Zionist Occupiers are at it again. Promoting a new phase of their plot. Attempting to erase an entire people with their history and culture. An ethnic cleansing based on a sick "justification" of "Israel" being the state of a pure race/religion: "the Jewish State". Hence this new inhumane and illegal act of "Judaifying Jerusalem, Judaifying Al Quds or Judaifying UrShalim".

UrShalim is NOT and will NEVER BE the Capital City of the Apartheid State of "Israel".
UrShalim is the symbol of resistance to all forms of oppression, aggression, injustice, bigotry, racism and all forms of hatred propagated by the "Zionists".

UrShalim will always be Al Quds / The Holy.

And Until justice prevails for those whom UrShalim stands for, until justice for the dispossessed Palestinians is materialized, peace will be but a juvenile day dream for the delusional.


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