27 June 2009

Beyond Brainwash

"The Lebanese forces burned my handicapped father, but it's Hasan Nasrallah who threatens me"

20 June 2009

One billion worldwide suffer from hunger

"The silent hunger crisis - affecting one-sixth of all of humanity - poses a serious risk for world peace and security...
It's the first time in human history that we have so many hungry people in the world...
And that's a contradiction, because a lot of the world is very rich despite the economic crisis."

06 June 2009

aliens with orange eyes

you've got to agree with the fourteeners when they talk about impending doom if FPM and Co. win the elections, i mean, look at their supporters: aliens with sharp fangs, orange eyes, yellow drool...

photo credit

05 June 2009

orange flags

"I want one orange flag with the check mark,
look,they're everywhere,
how come everyone has one and I don't?
can I get one yellow one too, please"

That was my eight year old son, somewhere on the road, in Beirut, in one of those traffics...

bell curve

“Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.” - George Carlin

now think lebanese

now think fourteeners

now think...


just think

03 June 2009

Twittering your life away?

"A young man struggles against the pressure to Twitter his life away.
From: "SuperNews!" An animated sketch comedy series..."

Tania Saleh: "Ya Wled"

Tania Saleh - "Ya Wled" [Oh Children], a tribute to all Lebanese politicians. "bikaffi..." [enough...]


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