24 April 2009

Lebanon: Poverty and "Faith of our Fathers"

"Chicken a la Carte" a short film by Ferdinand Dimadura (2005).
Showing a portion of society actually living on the refuse of others to survive. Simple yet moving.

On the other hand, (the right one), in this our Lebanon, 28.5 per cent of the population are below the upper poverty line (US$4 per capita per day).
That's more than a million out the almost 4 million Lebanese.
8 per cent of the Lebanese population live in conditions of extreme poverty.

But did anyone hear any of the upcoming election candidates address this issue?
Is anyone of them saying anything better than just trying to prove their birth-right to be in the parliament? Some only because they were transformed from that one lucky sperm coming out of their father.. (pun intended)?
What a miracle? Only possible in Lebanon.
Or am I missing something?

But then, the Hymnal goes:
"Faith of our fathers, holy Faith, we will be true to Thee till death"
and who am I to disagree.

More on poverty in Lebanon


Anonymous said...

Maybe starting another war this summer will alleviate their poverty.
(sarcasm intended)

Steph said...

A political party, by definition, aims for power, whatever his principles or plans are. Unfortunately most of our leaders are thirsty for power and money while his fellow citizens are striving.
All the campains in Lebanon are pretty much the same. Decreasing poverty has never been mentioned I've never noticed that. Nice point. It's never been about their program. We judge them by the people who represent them and not by what they can provide for their country.


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