08 March 2009

Abooouuuut, FACE

Commander in Chief of the enlightened-sectarian-futuristic-racist-life-lovers-hookah-puffers-fourteeners has delivered his assertive and snappy command: "about FACE!"; the disciplined lieutenants of the fourteeners' troops immediately complied. Suddenly, as if through divine revelation, they discovered that Syria can play "an important and constructive role" in the Middle East. Parroting their CIC, the lieutenants started fitting the new view into the sacred slogans of democratic and independent Lebanon; land of the free miracles and sovereign war-criminals turned into saint-leaders.
Compared to this CIC and his lieutenants, the General stands out as a visionary who is a couple of steps ahead of many.

Naffikh alayha tanjali.



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