25 April 2008

impotent government and cluster bombs

Hasan Al-Muallem 13, his brother Hussein 15, Ahmed Zreik 11, his brothers Hussein 10 and Ali 12; these boys are the latest victims of the cluster bombs that were sprinkled over South Lebanon in August 2006 by the wounded, scared and fleeing Israeli Offensive Force.

Remember, the bombs that were supposed to be the seasoning on Bush's "New Middle East", making it more palatable?!
The same Bush who is still shoving his support into our government day in and day out.
The same government that is still nagging, whining and complaining day in and day out about not being able to govern.
The same government that is so intoxicated by Bush's support, it does not even blink an eye to the hurt and misery of its people.
The same government that blames its people for their misery, but demands their support.
The same government that is so busy NOT caring for the spikes in food and gasoline prices, it does NOT have time to clean the leftover cluster bomblets.
The same bomblets that have killed and maimed more that 300 since the ceasefire in August 2006.

But then it may be more feasible for Lebanese kids themselves to clean up the millions of leftover ordinance than to dream of a responsible government that is capable of providing them with a descent future.

24 April 2008

They will never forget their homes

Assurances that they would be allowed to return after a fortnight were not honoured; weeks of exile turned into months, years. Despite several court rulings in the inhabitants' favour, the Israeli military prevented their return citing emergency regulations.

On Christmas Eve in 1951, army officers took some village elders to a nearby hill and they watched as the old stone houses were blown up with dynamite and tank fire, as many other Palestinian villages had been.

...it is hard for the former residents of Iqrit [an Arab Christian village vacated during the 1948-49 war] and their descendants to understand why the authorities block them - full Israeli citizens - from re-establishing their community in the village...

Why are the authorities blocking them? Because the authorities are Zionists, that's why!
story and photo credit

20 April 2008

"shooting and crying"

He videotaped as his fellow troops scurried for cover from incoming fire, as ambulances bearing the wounded raced to the hospital, and as disenchantment grew over a misguided battle plan that left the soldiers feeling, as one tells Mozer's camera, like "somebody fooled us."
Wrote Griff Witte about Yariv Mozer, an Israeli reservist, who took along his video camera to the "2nd Lebanon War", summer 2006. An "embarrasing" war for Israel (to say the least) but which, as it seems, Israel will have relive through Mozer's film.

19 April 2008

"two thirds of the ministers are thieves and donkeys"

“One third of the ministers are thieves, another third are donkeys …”
said the late prime minister Rafic Hariri about his cabinet.

This was disclosed by Rafik Khoury, editor in chief of Al Anwar, in an interview with Warde on VDL this morning.

16 April 2008

To hell with protocols!

Many sleepless hours I suffered, wondering about the presence of elegant Ms Sisson at this graduation ceremony. But fortunately, Abu Stef comes to the rescue and clears my clouded mind. Ms Sisson was there because her government funded the ten-week-state-of-the-art-program-module to train 166 ISF members on sophisticated stuff like: modern police practices, administration, democratic policing, human rights, criminal investigations etc.

And next on the stylish and graceful Ms Sisson's agenda are:

  • Attending the commemoration of thousands of Lebanese children and civilians massacred by IOF, because U.S. governments funded the ammo and the murderers.
  • Attending the commemoration of the hundreds of civilian victims killed and maimed by the millions of cluster bomblets still lying around in large part of country, because U.S. governments funded the bombs and the killers.
  • ...
Now I understand.
What a joke!

15 April 2008

Protocol Please?

Does anyone know anything about the protocol governing such events? I mean shouldn't the ambassador be wearing "blue blazer of glory" too? And maybe a couple of medals? What about her hands, is that where they should be during the salute? Umm, just wondering! Is that how they do things back where she came from? Is Rice her mentor?

US DCM Sisson inspects ISF graduates with Achraf Rifi courtesy of Friday Lunch Club

14 April 2008

Democratic power of a kiss

Rice has been quoted as saying:

"What's wrong with keeping the situation in Lebanon as it is?

Our priority is to keep Fouad Siniora as head of the democratically elected government...and that he acts according to the powers granted to him and the president

Even the issue of the next parliamentary elections (2009) is not a priority for us. We would welcome any formula that guarantees the extension of the current parliament's mandate..."
I knew it! It is the kiss! The out of this world, divine kiss that she got Summer 2006 from him! That magical moment that will last forever! The kiss that is burning an eternal flame! Can you blame her? She's a sucker for sensitive, poet and oud player dude.
Wait, here they come, I can now hear the chants of the other divine chorus: 7urriyeh, siyedeh, istiqlal!!
Hehee, what a joke!!

13 April 2008

sexiest camel beauty pageant

"Sheik Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, the son of Dubai's ruler Sheik Mohammed and his heir apparent, bought 16 camels for $4.5 million during a camel beauty pageant ..."

Sheik Hamdan paid $2.7 million for one lucky camel.
This particular camel (code name sexy Camilio) is not only the sexiest camel in the whole wide world but is reported to have miraculous healing powers and was seen once flying without the magic carpet.

image credit

06 April 2008

I O F Military Maneuvers

I have tried for the past half hour to be calm and polite while trying to write this post. I struggled hard not to utter or type profanity. I lost.

So: what the f*** are these Lebanese news outlets and f****** politicians doing. Why are they explaining, justifying and excusing the Israeli Offensive Force's most comprehensive military maneuvers in its history?
Al-Mustaqbal describes the IOF actions as "defensive maneuvers". Where the hell did they copy-paste that from?!! Naharnet does the same shit by describing the military actions as "non-hostile". And take this illuminati member of parliament Antoine Zahra, making an effort to explain the purpose of these "non-hostile, defensive military maneuvers".

Why not just simply say that they are conducted because IOF ate shit July 2006 when they attacked Lebanon? Why not say that these actions reflect pee-in-pants-scared Zionist Israel; an Israel panicking that the words of their early Zionist anthem will be reversed.

That instead of "In blood and fire Judea fell; in blood and fire shall Judea rise", it is now more likely that "In blood and fire Judea rose; in blood and fire shall Judea fall."

05 April 2008

"they dream our dreams, and we dream theirs"

Let Me Stand Alone reveals Rachel’s striking gifts as a poet and writer while telling her story in her own words, from her earliest reflections to her final e-mails. Her writing brings to life all that it means to come of age—a dawning sense of self, a thirst for one’s own ideals, and an evolving connection to others, near and far. Rachel wrote about the looming issues of her time as well as the ordinary angst of an American teen, all with breathtaking passion, compassion, insight, and humor. Her writing reverberates with conviction and echoes her long-held belief in the oneness of humanity: “We have got to understand that they dream our dreams, and we dream theirs.”
More about Rachel and her struggle: "The Bulldozers Just Came"


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