22 March 2008

Global Voices Online reminder

I have continued to, and still am doing, the weekly roundups and summary (weblogs) of the Lebanese blogosphere at the Middle East and North Africa region of Global Voices Online, even though I have stopped linking to these summaries in posts here on this blog.

Nevertheless new posts about Lebanon at Global Voices/MENA are always linked to on the left sidebar of this blog, right under reads.

All previous summaries and roundups of the Lebanese blogosphere can be found at my page at Global Voices.

If you are a Lebanese blogger, or have a blog about Lebanon or know of a blog about Lebanon, and believe that it has not received its share of linking to at GVO, please be kind to send me a note.

Meanwhile, do pay GVO a visit and surf through its projects like Voices Without Votes, Rising Voices, Lingua and others, or at Global Voices Advocacy etc.

18 March 2008

King George's Holy Promises

Holy King George has voiced another of his divine, true and ready to be fulfilled promises.
The high priest, his holiness Ja3Ja3 (Geagea) has revealed to us, the sublime utterances spoken only into his ears.
Holy King George ensures that Lebanon's independence and sovereignty are 100 percent guaranteed, said his holiness.
His holiness Ja3Ja3 (Geagea) also revealed that King George is against the Palestinian refugees remaining in Lebanon (right of return?!) and guarantees that he will endeavor to get the Israelis out of the Shebaa farms (join Hezbollah?!).
All this was revealed to his holiness, true believer, exemplary role model, high priest Ja3Ja3 (Geagea).
Holy King George Bush has always been a holy man of his divine words. He has always been true to his promises.
Allah yihdina. Amen.
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14 March 2008

uuhhh or is it oohhh

Are you as sweet as Fouad? May I kissy kissy you??
Ahhh!! I love you, you love me, we're a happy family...
kissy kissy ikht hal shaghli...

09 March 2008

Calling on Bush to save the women

In oil-rich Saudi Arabia, women are treated as lifelong dependents, under the guardianship of a male relative. Deprived of the right to drive a car or mix with men publicly, they are confined to strictly segregated lives on pain of severe punishment.

I say President Bush should do something about this! I say he should bring freedom and equality to oil-rich Saudi Arabia just as he did for the women in Iraq and Afghanistan! And while he is in the neighborhood, I say he should honor us and share our tabbouli and kebbe nayyi (ye-cole kharra)! Hey, and I say he should bring Rice with him too (bala ma3nah)! I know someone who is yearning for her hugs and kisses. Allah la y jarribna! Amen!

06 March 2008

'Hagop' by Zareh

"A pencil drawing of Hagop, a homeless man who died years ago. I met him about 12 years ago in Hollywood at the corner of Fountain and Normandie, he was sleeping on the sidewalk. Hagop used to collect bottles and cans from garbages or elsewhere in order to sell to make a living, he was never begging money. He was divorced and had children. It was interesting talking to him, he had something to say. I asked to do a drawing of him, he agreed, in return I paid him. He has stayed in my memory." - Zareh

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02 March 2008

The F*loating attrocity: USS Cole 'Khara'

"Anyway, the F-word according to Bush is coming to Lebanon in the shape of a Floating attrocity called USS Cole, like Cole Khara (for the non lebs: Cole Khara means Eat shit ). It will Bring stability, Freedom, Democracy to Lebanon exactly the same kind that the Afghan and Iraqis have and cherish so much that they blow themselves up in market places, its pure happiness I tell you." --Kodder

Gaza - Black Ribbon

By Za3tar via Haitham:

Put this on your social networking profile page (e.g. Facebook and MySpace) to help raise awareness of the massacre in Gaza and notify those who might not have seen/heard of this yet (specially in the West).

Al Quds - Tamim Al Barghouthi

في القدس رغم تتابع النكبات ريح براءة في الجو
ريح طفولة
فترى الحمام يطير يعلن دولة في الريح بين رصاصتين

إذ فاجأتني بسمة
لم أدر كيف تسللت في الدمع قالت لي وقد أمعنت ما أمعنت:

يا أيها الباكي وراء السور.. أحمق أنت؟
أجننت.. لا تبك عينك أيها المنسي من متن الكتاب

لا تبك عينك أيها العربي واعلم أنه
في القدس من في القدس لكن لا أرى في القدس إلا أنت

Thank you Delirious


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