30 December 2008

Zionism: History of Child Killing

Zionist bombing 1947

A Palestinian police officer carries a wounded girl from the site of a terrorist attack in Jerusalem, 29 December 1947. Militants from the Irgun Zionist group threw a bomb into a bus in the Palestinian residential quarter outside Herod's Gate, killing 17 Palestinian civilians. (Photo: Walid Khalidi/Before Their Diaspora).

Zionist bombing 2008

A Palestinian police officer carries a wounded girl into the emergency room at Shifa hospital in Gaza City, 27 December 2008. Israeli warplanes pounded dozens of targets across the Gaza Strip in unprecedented waves of air strikes Saturday, killing at least 155 and wounding more than 310. (Photo: Majed Hamdan/AP)

thanking Lawrence of Cyberia

1 Comment:

Antoun said...

We could stop this, we should be stopping this, but we're not.

Every Israeli atrocity is a reminder of the Arab failure.


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