06 August 2008

on the "moral superiority of Israel"

"An Israeli child from a far-right settler group in the West Bank city of Hebron hurls a stone up the stairs of a Palestinian family close to their settlement and shouts: "I will exterminate you." Another spits towards the same family.

Another settler woman pushes her face up to a window and snarls: "Whore!"

They are shocking images. There is footage of beatings, their aftermath, and the indifference of Israel's security forces to serious human rights abuses. There is footage too of those same security forces humiliating Palestinians – and most seriously – committing abuses themselves." - the rest at the Guardian


Anonymous said...

If the Arabs would stop trying to murder and ethnically cleanse the Jews then things like that wouldn't happen.

Arabs choose war. Arabs choose violence. Arabs choose naqba- their own.

Anonymous said...

Substitute Israelis in your comment, Anonymous, and you'd be closer to the truth. That's why Israel is so universally reviled, its endless bloodlust and wish for war.Talk about projection: the only ethnic cleansing going on is Israel of the native Palestinian inhabitants.

Anonymous said...

That's a lie.

The ARABS started the wars. In fact, the ARABS ethnically cleansed the Jews from Hebron, half of Jerusalem, and elsewhere, and want to do the same everywhere.

So the Arabs will continue to suffer.


Anonymous said...

I would be more worried about Israel's MILITARY superiorty as always.


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