21 June 2008

Once Upon a Time in Rafah

- Latuff


Pierre Tristam said...

Moussa... can you email me your thoughts on Shebaa Farms when you get a chance?--Pierre

Anonymous said...

Arabs choose war. Arabs die.

It's that simple.

Jester said...

anonymous... "La Raison du plus fort est toujours la meilleure" ... in short... the reason of the most powerful is always right (?)

Anonymous said...


That's the Arab way.

Arabs are wrong even though they lose.

sibur said...

I like your cartoon it makes me think of what my mother says sometimes: " Le temp et la conscience finiront par amener entente entre les peuples"
Which means that conscience and time will, in the end, bring people to understand each other or somthing like that.

Anonymous said...

il fuat bien souliger la différenc entre les deux enfants:pieds, visage, armes,blessures...jadmire le dessinateur

Anonymous said...

eval terarest animals!?

you guys are the tererists not us you!


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