19 April 2008

"two thirds of the ministers are thieves and donkeys"

“One third of the ministers are thieves, another third are donkeys …”
said the late prime minister Rafic Hariri about his cabinet.

This was disclosed by Rafik Khoury, editor in chief of Al Anwar, in an interview with Warde on VDL this morning.

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سلمى يا سلامة said...

What about the third 1/3? To remain silent about one third sounds like dishonest political doublespeak, because that would have allowed him to cover his butt with anyone whom he did not want to offend at some juncture in time, by saying "come on ya khayyi, inta ma kint maqsoud!"

I would assume that the true meaning behind such words was that one half, not one third, of the ministers were thieves, and the other half were donkeys.

And so the only question that remains is: Which half did Rafiq Hariri consider himself in?

Come to think of it, maybe there was a third category: ministers who are both 7ameer AND 7aramiyeh.

No, I like my first analysis, and I would 3aqqeb 3ala qawli: One half are just plain 7ameer and the other half are 7aramiyeh AND 7ameer, because for one to be corrupt before God, one would have to be a big 7mar.


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