16 April 2008

To hell with protocols!

Many sleepless hours I suffered, wondering about the presence of elegant Ms Sisson at this graduation ceremony. But fortunately, Abu Stef comes to the rescue and clears my clouded mind. Ms Sisson was there because her government funded the ten-week-state-of-the-art-program-module to train 166 ISF members on sophisticated stuff like: modern police practices, administration, democratic policing, human rights, criminal investigations etc.

And next on the stylish and graceful Ms Sisson's agenda are:

  • Attending the commemoration of thousands of Lebanese children and civilians massacred by IOF, because U.S. governments funded the ammo and the murderers.
  • Attending the commemoration of the hundreds of civilian victims killed and maimed by the millions of cluster bomblets still lying around in large part of country, because U.S. governments funded the bombs and the killers.
  • ...
Now I understand.
What a joke!


Anonymous said...

So, by the same standart --let's play fair -- can I book for the next week some hizbAllah representatives to attend a commemoration for the poor devils that happened to receive a syrian delivered/iranian made katyusha in the head ?

What a joke!
The americans aren't lebanese - they're advancing THEIR agenda, the same with "zionists beings".
That's not surprising, not at all.
The question is, when we will advance the lebanese agenda ?
So... not licking the american/saudi feet is, bien sur, a start. But, for a change, how about not licking some syrian/iranian boot. How about the "no more armed militias" ? How about not closing the parliament ? How about ALL MP's working for improving the country, a proper "law and order" state, no constitution = "toilet paper", no presidential quick fix...

How about I stop dreaming and get used to our daily crap.... :)

Anonymous said...

I have a great idea for you Bashir: Keep your terrorists north of the Israeli border and then you won't get hurt.

And will therefore have no reason to whine like a little girl.

Jeha said...

it is not easy being Lebanese, caught between the anvil of iranian expansion, and the hammer of american oil interests.

And to top it all, how can one feel detached from what is happening to Palestinians? For their wrongs towards us, we have suffered far too much to ignore their suffering... Today's smart choices may prove to be tomorrows mistakes.

Not eays navigating such paradoxes.

ahmad said...

long live our homeland, syria-lebanon-palestine.
the israeli plans are being laid to waste at the feet of our people.


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