24 April 2008

They will never forget their homes

Assurances that they would be allowed to return after a fortnight were not honoured; weeks of exile turned into months, years. Despite several court rulings in the inhabitants' favour, the Israeli military prevented their return citing emergency regulations.

On Christmas Eve in 1951, army officers took some village elders to a nearby hill and they watched as the old stone houses were blown up with dynamite and tank fire, as many other Palestinian villages had been.

...it is hard for the former residents of Iqrit [an Arab Christian village vacated during the 1948-49 war] and their descendants to understand why the authorities block them - full Israeli citizens - from re-establishing their community in the village...

Why are the authorities blocking them? Because the authorities are Zionists, that's why!
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Anonymous said...

Arabs choose war and ethnically cleanse Jews, and Allah pays them back in spades.

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

the zionist apartheid regime is the antithesis to peace.

Anonymous said...

Israel IS peace.

Notice that in the Arab/Muslim world, even where there's no connection with Israel, there is violence and death.

If it isn't them vs. Christians, then it's them vs. Hindus- or even Muslims vs. Muslims.




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