20 April 2008

"shooting and crying"

He videotaped as his fellow troops scurried for cover from incoming fire, as ambulances bearing the wounded raced to the hospital, and as disenchantment grew over a misguided battle plan that left the soldiers feeling, as one tells Mozer's camera, like "somebody fooled us."
Wrote Griff Witte about Yariv Mozer, an Israeli reservist, who took along his video camera to the "2nd Lebanon War", summer 2006. An "embarrasing" war for Israel (to say the least) but which, as it seems, Israel will have relive through Mozer's film.


فلسطيني said...

IDF: deceitful, dirty, disgusting, ditched, defeated, desperate, depressed, down.

Anonymous said...

IDF defeats Arabs. That makes Arabs very sad.

Tiny Israel defeats the entire Arab world and has a thriving country, while even with all of that oil, the Arabs still live in a world of shit and ignorance.

How embarrassing!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you poor critter. Israel is alone, a cancer in the region, able to exist only because of massive amounts of US aid, and you know, their economy is really ailing. Poor little fascist Israel, facing a perpetual existential crisis, a third of its children on the poverty line.

The Arabs are on the up and up. The same can't be said of little shitty apartheid state who needs to invade someone just to feel alive, who can't live in peace with its neighbors.

The ignorance is yours.


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