15 April 2008

Protocol Please?

Does anyone know anything about the protocol governing such events? I mean shouldn't the ambassador be wearing "blue blazer of glory" too? And maybe a couple of medals? What about her hands, is that where they should be during the salute? Umm, just wondering! Is that how they do things back where she came from? Is Rice her mentor?

US DCM Sisson inspects ISF graduates with Achraf Rifi courtesy of Friday Lunch Club


amir in tel aviv said...

Maybe she would wear black and sweaty Turban to satisfy you..

Goyim said...

amir my love
black suit, sweaty & pig-tails for sidebrows is your uniform, with pre historic thoughts of superiority ..am I wrong?

just wondering said...

what the fuck is she doing there in the first place? why no other ambassador? just wondering!


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