25 April 2008

impotent government and cluster bombs

Hasan Al-Muallem 13, his brother Hussein 15, Ahmed Zreik 11, his brothers Hussein 10 and Ali 12; these boys are the latest victims of the cluster bombs that were sprinkled over South Lebanon in August 2006 by the wounded, scared and fleeing Israeli Offensive Force.

Remember, the bombs that were supposed to be the seasoning on Bush's "New Middle East", making it more palatable?!
The same Bush who is still shoving his support into our government day in and day out.
The same government that is still nagging, whining and complaining day in and day out about not being able to govern.
The same government that is so intoxicated by Bush's support, it does not even blink an eye to the hurt and misery of its people.
The same government that blames its people for their misery, but demands their support.
The same government that is so busy NOT caring for the spikes in food and gasoline prices, it does NOT have time to clean the leftover cluster bomblets.
The same bomblets that have killed and maimed more that 300 since the ceasefire in August 2006.

But then it may be more feasible for Lebanese kids themselves to clean up the millions of leftover ordinance than to dream of a responsible government that is capable of providing them with a descent future.


Jeha said...

It will get worse, as long as the government is not allowed or unable to really get back the South.

Anonymous said...

It will get worse as long as Hizbullah thinks about commiting acts of terror against Israel.

If the Lebanese people want peace then there will be peace. If they allow or pursue war then there will be war.

Their fate is in their own hands.

Karin said...

I can only agree to your analysis dear friend!
Will it get worse? I hope not but that might be a wishful thinking!

Of ourse peace IS possible .. but NOT with these kind of politicians running the show during the last decade (or more ...)
PEOPLE worldwide would get along just fine, I am absolutely convinced of that ... it's the politicians and their ideologies who cause the global mess and consequently desasters!

I'd love to have this animated map on my blog ... would you mind to please send me the link to embed it?

Cedars said...

Peace is coming- as Hizbullah gets destroyed.

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

the zionist apartheid regime is the antithesis to peace.

Anonymous said...

Israel IS peace.

Notice that in the Arab/Muslim world, even where there's no connection with Israel, there is violence and death.

If it isn't them vs. Christians, then it's them vs. Hindus- or even Muslims vs. Muslims.




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