06 April 2008

I O F Military Maneuvers

I have tried for the past half hour to be calm and polite while trying to write this post. I struggled hard not to utter or type profanity. I lost.

So: what the f*** are these Lebanese news outlets and f****** politicians doing. Why are they explaining, justifying and excusing the Israeli Offensive Force's most comprehensive military maneuvers in its history?
Al-Mustaqbal describes the IOF actions as "defensive maneuvers". Where the hell did they copy-paste that from?!! Naharnet does the same shit by describing the military actions as "non-hostile". And take this illuminati member of parliament Antoine Zahra, making an effort to explain the purpose of these "non-hostile, defensive military maneuvers".

Why not just simply say that they are conducted because IOF ate shit July 2006 when they attacked Lebanon? Why not say that these actions reflect pee-in-pants-scared Zionist Israel; an Israel panicking that the words of their early Zionist anthem will be reversed.

That instead of "In blood and fire Judea fell; in blood and fire shall Judea rise", it is now more likely that "In blood and fire Judea rose; in blood and fire shall Judea fall."


bech said...

Well put! Brilliant post!

Nouj said...

- More like "In pee and sh-- Judea fell"...
- More than ever i understand the term yahood el dakhel with all the cliche it might hold..
- What do we do now? Read and weep, wait and see, or beat the crap out of these people..???
- Bob-7ashishi-Marley said Get up Stand up for your right and he was stoned.. so pass me that 7ashishi cuz let me do sthg right for once...

Anonymous said...

No large scale maneuvers are happening in Israel now, retard.

But if you terrorists attack again, you'll get your asses handed to you again.

Israel is real terrorism said...

anonymous 3:52,

We still have your asses with us and your scared sissy shit of weeping army doesn't dare come take them even though we are offering them back.

Anonymous said...

The only thing you have with you are the piles of Hizbullah rubble that have sat there for nearly 2 years- because they haven't been cleaned up.

And the Hizbullah body parts that are still scattered all over.

Where is Hizbuullah now? I was on the border recently and all I saw was UNIFIL.

From the Beirut Daily Star over a year ago (Jan. 25, 2007):

The last six months have been a period of meltdown for Hizbullah. The party has been neutralized in the South, at least for the moment; its reputation in the Arab world lies in tatters because it is seen as an extension of Iran; domestically, Hizbullah is viewed more than ever as a menace to national coexistence and civil peace; few Lebanese, other than Hizbullah's own, believe that its insistence on participating in the political process means respect for the latter's rules, free from foreign interests; and none of Nasrallah's political rivals trust him anymore.

At the same time, Hizbullah has shown that under all that weaponry lie weak knees. The party's threshold has been surprisingly low in moments of internal crises. It took only three and a half weeks during the 2006 summer war with Israel for Nasrallah to announce that he was amenable to a cease-fire under any conditions. This was an acknowledgment that his Shiite community could not long endure living in public facilities, streets, and parks.



Israel is real terrorism said...

anonymous 9:13,

you should cry! or is that the sound you make when your ass is being whammed. now we know where all the crap in daily star ends. in your delusional brain, washed by propaganda. dream on, hehehee!

Anonymous said...

The Daily Star recognizes reality.

Hizbullah lost- militarily and politically.

2 years later and still they haven't rebuilt.

2 years later and they still haven't cleared away the rubble.

2 years later and they still have no running water.

2 years later and they still have no electricity.

2 years later and they still don't sit on the border like they did.

2 years later and they still haven't recovered their power- or confidence, in Beirut.

2 years later and they're no closer to destroying Israel.

2 years later and they're still poor and uneducated- even more than before.

2 years later and they have no hope.

And in 2 more years it will be even worse for the Hizzie losers.


Anonymous said...

Quick, someone rush Anon 5:32 to the looney bin, they're having another delusion that they know anything about Hezbollah. They think that by quoting a single opinion piece they are instant experts. This quack is good for a laugh, but nobody of substance is taking you seriously. Zionism is in trouble, and I can quote any number of Ha'aretz articles that think so. Two years later, Hezbollah is still a force to be reckoned with. They stood up to the biggest trumped up military force in the Middle East, twice. Get out of our country and stay out sore losers.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I was on the northern border not long ago and saw it with my own eyes.

Where is Hizbullah today? The remnants are hiding under rocks.

And the rubble that was once their lives.

Lunatics deny reality. That would be you.

Sophia said...


I love this post. You are at your best when you are angry. And I am quite sure that anger doesn't come easily to a nice man like you.

STICK THIS ... said...

anonymous zionist,
it is precisely the point that you shall NOT see anything, until it's a few meters away from your face. keep looking.

Anonymous said...

stick this,

I as a civilian was at the border. We not only get reports from our sources, but even the Lebanese press admits it.

It's no secret that Hizbullahland is still a pile of rubble.

The Hizzies are in the shit.

And Allah's latest gift to mankind is that Al Wattan is reporting that 20 Hizbullah terrorists have been killed while training in Iran.

Allahu akbar!


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