14 April 2008

Democratic power of a kiss

Rice has been quoted as saying:

"What's wrong with keeping the situation in Lebanon as it is?

Our priority is to keep Fouad Siniora as head of the democratically elected government...and that he acts according to the powers granted to him and the president

Even the issue of the next parliamentary elections (2009) is not a priority for us. We would welcome any formula that guarantees the extension of the current parliament's mandate..."
I knew it! It is the kiss! The out of this world, divine kiss that she got Summer 2006 from him! That magical moment that will last forever! The kiss that is burning an eternal flame! Can you blame her? She's a sucker for sensitive, poet and oud player dude.
Wait, here they come, I can now hear the chants of the other divine chorus: 7urriyeh, siyedeh, istiqlal!!
Hehee, what a joke!!


Delirious said...

speaking of kisses....


leba-non-sect said...

Neither Hariri Nor Nasrallah

Long Live Secular Lebanon


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