06 March 2008

'Hagop' by Zareh

"A pencil drawing of Hagop, a homeless man who died years ago. I met him about 12 years ago in Hollywood at the corner of Fountain and Normandie, he was sleeping on the sidewalk. Hagop used to collect bottles and cans from garbages or elsewhere in order to sell to make a living, he was never begging money. He was divorced and had children. It was interesting talking to him, he had something to say. I asked to do a drawing of him, he agreed, in return I paid him. He has stayed in my memory." - Zareh

(click on the image to enlarge)


Sophia said...

Poverty is the first cause of depression and retreat from life, living on the sidewalks. Depression is in many cases a cause for poverty and retreat from mainstream life to the sidewalks. There is a world there, full of disappointed humanity. It is not only their failure, it is also ours. But we prefer not to think about it...

Sophia said...

Waw Moussa, I had the same message as the one above. I wish someone reading chinese, or any other language using these ideograms, can translate. Amyway, most probably it is noise by some zionists. I erased it on my blog.


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