19 January 2008

Nassrallah is a Lebanese citizen

Naharnet is also a Lebanese internet news outlet. But Naharnet describes Nassrallah as a very dangerous Israeli fugitive. Naharnet does not want Nassrallah to be associated with Lebanon. Naharnet adopts the language and mood of the wild wild west (praise be to Bush):

Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, one of Israel's most wanted men...
Naharnet overlooks decades of Israeli occupation and blames the existence of Hezbollah on Syria and Iran. Israel is the reference here. The 2006 war was fought on another planet and for alien causes.
Nasrallah has been Israel's top public enemy since Hizbullah, which is backed by Iran and Syria, fought the deadly 2006 war.
Naharnet also made up its mind about the identity of the state of Israel. It is a Jewish state, and to hell with all the Christian, Moslem, Jews, Buddhists or Atheists of the land of Palestine who think otherwise. And to hell with all the refugees everywhere. But Naharnet is also very objective, it does not forget to mention, on equal footing, the victims of both sides of the war:
Hizbulla's capture of two Israeli soldiers in July 2006 led to a 34-day war with the Jewish state that left more than 1,200 civilians dead in Lebanon, a third of them children, as well as 160 Israelis, mostly soldiers.
Naharnet is the pride of the Lebanese press.
Dichotomy is also the pride of the Lebanese way of life.
But that is another story.

who said cluster bombs are bad

Cluster bombs do not kill.
Cluster bombs do not maim.
All 100 countries seeking its ban are naively mistaken.
In fact cluster bombs are not bad.
You just have to know how to use them appropriately.
You have to use them right.
Follow the user's manual, now available courtesy of U.S. of Bush and cluster bombs will spread rainbow monkeys with love, sunshine and flowers.

13 January 2008

beating about the bush

Two friends were discussing, over a drink, Bush’s farewell visit to the Middle East. You know that Bush is here checking the progress of his master plan; the one that Rice asked us to bear its birth pangs while she gracefully played the piano in summer 2006. I wonder what happened to it. Yes, the “new Middle East” thingy! Anyway back to our friends:

He: Why did Bush cancel his surprise visit to Lebanon?

She: Because Hezbollah kicked IDF’s butt July 2006! Cheers!!


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