07 December 2007

Gaza Calling

This video was created by Haitham Sabbah. It is intended to raise awareness of the catastrophic conditions that the Palestinians in Gaza are enduring, and to subsequently help end its siege by Israel. Haitham is calling on all to copy the video's code and help spread the word. Music track by: Checkpoint 303


Nasrine said...

Very powerful. Although we must admit that the Gazzans are partly responsible for their current situation...

Anonymous said...

The Gazans are 100% responsible for their situation.

Let them eat kassams.

Anonymous said...

Today's news: Muslim Arabs murder more Muslim Arabs.

Same as yesterday and tomorrow.

And the world is becoming a better, safer place.

Nightstudies said...

You love your propaganda, don't you?

Personally, I would prefer peace, life, safety, freedom and prosperity.

You don't need enemies for those things. If you hated no one, you would have no problems. Not that your problems are as bad as you claim they are.


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