13 December 2007

Events in the life of Brigadier El Hajj

Bech has this interesting post on Lebanese Army Brigadier Francois el-Hajj's who was assassinated yesterday morning in Baabda, Lebanon.
I am quoting the first part, the rest of it is here.

So a quick recap of Brigadier Francois el-Hajj's military history in reverse chronological order

1- Played a central role in the destruction and defeat of Fath al Islam's forces in Nahr el Bared.
2- Lead battles against the bad guys in Deniyeh (replicas of Fath al Islam) 7 years ago, only to find them released along with Samir Geagea in the euphoria run-up of the cedar revolution.
3- Countered Lebanese Forces attacks in 1989 moments after Geagea (leader of LF) assured him that the army (under the command of General Aoun at the time) won't be attacked. Hajj accordingly lead the attack from Qolei3at and pushed LF forces back to Nahr el Mot.
4- Escaped an Israeli-LF assassination's attempt back in 1976, after Bashir Gemayel's forces (LF old face) had asked him to coordinate with the Israelis in order to set up a security zone in the south, to which he refused.
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Arabs killing Arabs.

No big deal.


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