22 November 2007

Aoun offers to step down...

Gen Michel Aoun proposed, this evening, a “six–point salvation initiative” in which he will withdraw his candidacy on condition that he names an interim presidential candidate, who is not a member of his bloc, to be “elected” tomorrow. The initiative also proposes that Saad Hariri should name the prime minister of the new cabinet that will be formed after the election:

1- General Michel Aoun will name a candidate for the presidency of the republic provided the latter is neither a member of his parliamentary bloc nor of his party and provided he fully agrees to the memorandum of understanding signed with Hizbullah. This candidate will be elected by parliament and his mandate will come to an end immediately after the new parliamentary elections; thereafter the constitutionally required quorum (i.e. the two thirds) will be provided for the election of the new president.
2- In parallel, MP Saad Hariri will name a consensual prime minister provided he is not a member of the future movement and he is committed to the international tribunal.
>>>the rest of the initiative...
Aoun has set 10PM tomorrow night, two hours before the end of Pres Lahoud’s term in office, as a deadline for his proposal.

March 14 leaders are currently holding a general meeting in which they are discussing the proposal as well as tomorrow’s session in parliament which is scheduled to elect the new president.

France’s foreign minister, Kouchner, told a news conference this evening that the issue is complicated and that we will have to wait for tomorrow without much hope.

Anxiety is high in the country. Many schools are not opening tomorrow despite the minister of education call for a normal school day. Many universities have postponed classes. Teachers have postponed scheduled quizzes and tests since students have decided not to attend. Most people have decided to stay home or limit their movements.

The whole show is non–democratic non–constitutional, but people are tired and fed up. Any initiative that gives the slightest hope of easing the tension will be welcomed. But will this initiative see the light or solve the problem? Will March 14 leaders’ declarations for concessions and rejection for any kind of strife, during the past few days, be reflected in their decisions tonight?

Are these the last hours before the declaration of "the settlement" that many believe has been reached between major parties with the blessing of major foreign powers?

Did I hear Kouchner mention that a "divine miracle" may happen tomorrow?

March 14 leaders reject Aoun's initiative and call on MPs to attend the election session tomorrow.


Mustapha said...


Your title is misleading. Aoun was never "up" and can't offer to step down.

Blacksmith Jade said...

Don't you hate people who post entire articles in your comments section?

In any case, I have to agree with Mustapha vis a vis the title...

...but on different grounds.

Aoun's plan essentially entails:

Hizballah keeping its weapons and getting a blocking third in cabinet, while M14 loses the PM post, and the majority in parliament gets dissolved through a Syria-friendly constitutional council.

Its an idiotic plan...and a non-starter.

bech said...

Moussa beik, isn't a miracle divine? blackjohn byejeh bi nazer 3andak? niyelak...

Jahmahl said...

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