19 September 2007

Terrorism strikes yet again in Beirut!

A large terrorist explosion targeted the Sin el Fil area on the outskirt of Beirut. LBC is reporting that the explosion is near Antoine Library. The reporter is saying that one of the burning cars belong to a member of parliament. The images on LBC are grave. Burning cars, destroyed buildings and casualties. Like a war zone.

Feeling speechless and helpless.

MP Antoine Ghanem, member of the Phalangist Party, was assassinated by a bomb that targeted his car in Beirut’s Sin el-Fil suburb, Hursh Tabet area.
Reports of seven other people killed and at least 20 wounded in the attack.

Other bloggers reactions here (GVO) and here (MFL)


Anonymous said...

And why don't you give us your opinion of who did it? Not want to point any fingers?

RoxieAmerica said...

So sorry to hear a return of such violence. Such events are tragic.

Anonymous said...

Arabs murdering again. No big deal. Nothing new.

Everybody back to your hookahs, qat, and shitty coffee.

Anonymous said...

WE don't chew qat in lebanon, you clueless moron

Anonymous said...

Right- you just smoke hashish in your hookas, drink shitty coffee, and play طاولة all day.

Qat is what your barbaric siblings chew down in the Arabian Peninsula.

I'm so pleased to hear that cold-blooded murder doesn't bother you as much as cultural nuances do.

Anonymous said...

You idiot. Lebanon has the best Hashish in the world.

Anonymous said...

It's nice that Arabs are good at SOMETHING.

Ya Allah!

Sophia said...

Thanks Moussa for the comments left at my blog and the explaining.

Here is my post about the latest assassination.


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