14 September 2007

Sabra and Shatila: Um Ahmad and Joseph the lay cleric

"Your friend, Um Ahmad, still lives in the same house where she lost her husband, four sons and a daughter when Joseph, a thick-set militiaman carrying an assault rifle, bundled everyone into one room of their hovel and opened fire. She still explains like it was yesterday, how the condoned slaughter unfolded, recalling each of her four sons by name, Nizar, Shadi, Farid and Nidal. I asked Joseph if he wanted to sit with Um Ahmad and seek forgiveness and possible redemption since he has now become a lay cleric in his parish. He declined but sent his condolences with flowers."

>>> Franklin Lamb


Ms Levantine said...

Wow, what an article. Pretty powerful, tks for the link.

Now let us forget about it, like all the rest.


M Bashir said...

consider it done.


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