03 September 2007

Gen Suleiman's Directive to Politicians

Speaking to Assafir, Army Commander Gen Michel Suleiman said:

This is no time for jubilation and joy. It is time to admit that this bouquet of martyrs from the Lebanese Army form actual medals on the chests of all Lebanese of all sects, regions and political spectrum.

He added that the martyrs form the greatest sacrifice of the Lebanese military in the history of Lebanon. For, had the plans of the terrorists not been aborted, we would have witnessed, in Lebanon, a copy of what is taking place in Iraq.

This, he said, is a sacrifice and “a model of national unity that is as of this moment in the safe–keeping of all politicians. They should invest in this victory through mutual concessions that will lead to safeguarding the national unity. Thousands of soldiers sacrificed and still do for this goal.

He also considered this success as a victory for the Palestinian cause and their right to return.



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