23 September 2007

Funny and Pathetic

"Sweetie" and "Prince of Joy" (aliases in an online chat room) spent hours telling each other about their marriage troubles, only to discover that they were wife and husband (Sana and Adnan), when they both turned up for a date. Now they want to divorce because they were cheating on each other with each other.

But this is not as funny and pathetic as a Lebanese minister (of tourism) bragging, after meeting with representatives of the Bush administration: "as you know, Lebanon is the only Arab country that practices democracy..." or when he tells representatives of western governments after they ask him for suggestions to solve the problems in his country: "...you should tell us, you are the 'big' nations, you should know what to do..."

Surreally Freudian!

2al za3za3at el istikrar 2al
btw how do u translate 'za3za3at il istikrar'?


Sophia said...

The reaction has been always as follows:
- Fingers publicly pointed at Syria;
- Appeal for help from the international community.
In general, the immediate after murder condemnation comes from the US, president or department of state, never lower than that.
This pattern has been going crescendo at each assassination.
I don't consider this as an approach to finding the truth which should be the normal approach in such situations. I call this a gross instrumentalisation of the assassinations.

We are the pathetic ones Moussa. As citizen, we are letting this farce go on because we are more than powerless to do anything about it.

I think Lebanese should ask for general elections before the parliament convenes to elect the president. They should descend again in the streets to ask the government and March 14th to stop playing with their lives and with the future of the country.

Jeha said...

What else can we expect? Most of M14 or M8 are"osculii" looking for a master.

The best hope is for a "Presidential Shock", that brings in a Leader who will be an improvement over the past. The next person in charge will not be able to solve much, because a lot depends on outside parameters. But if we get someone who is either a demagogue like Aoun, nor a profiteer like Hrawi/Lahoud, basically, Something like a Sarkis with a spine, we may be able to lay the foundation for a better future.

Otherwise, we're done for.

alhaqid said...

"za3za3at el istikrar "
i think its translated "disturbing the peace" or something like that.

Jester said...

My French & English are better than my Arabic which is more dialectical Lebanese than written Arabic.

I wonder if the US truly cares if Lebanon 'practices' democracy?

We have every politician in Lebanon that are literally cussing and fighting their other Lebanese half, All of them with "Very Good Intentions!" notice this.

Lebanon's presidency is going to ripple a new transition since Lebanon's New Independence in 2005.

I strongly doubt than any Lebanese, including Hezbollah supporters that would want any Syrian Officials to be involved in Lebanese decisions and it's policies.


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