04 September 2007

Defense Minister Sets the Shape of Things to Come

Lebanese defense minister, Elias el Murr, declared the following NO’s in his press conference today. It is a directive of what is and is not accepted from the politicians during the coming months. It is also the setting of the stage for the upcoming presidential election. This is in line with what the Army Chief Gen. Suleiman declared earlier. Minister Murr said:

Now that the Lebanese Army, under the leadership of Gen Suleiman, has successfully ended the Nahr el Bared conflict and has destroyed Fath al Islam, we assert that there will be NO two governments in Lebanon. There will be NO two presidents in Lebanon. There will be NO two Lebanons. And the presidential elections will be held on time.

Now guess who will be the next president.

1 Comment:

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

um..... let me guess..
a joint venture between murr and suleiman? oh wait! he said there won't be two presidents.

well then, i 'ont know who.


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