16 September 2007

Apartheid Israel

This is why ‘apartheid’ applies to Israeli policies and practices against Palestinians.

This is how critics of these policies are summarily condemned as ‘anti–semites’.

And why Americans don't know exactly what's going on:

One reason that the US government, politicians and people don’t have a clear idea of the situation in Israel/Palestine is that any criticism or complaint about Israel, no matter how well-researched and moderate, is swiftly attacked by lobbies in the US as being anti-semitic.

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Zvi said...

NONE of the following pertains to Israel... which anyone who has ever been in Israel knows:

apartheid is defined by “inhuman acts” designed to impose racial segregation and discrimination on a targeted group, The acts specified include denying life and liberty; inflicting physical or mental harm; torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading punishment; illegal arrest and imprisonment; denying participation in political, social, economic and cultural life of the country; denying basic human rights of education, nationality; freedom of movement and residence; freedom of speech and assembly; rights to work, form trade unions, to leave and return to their country. The Convention also prohibits acts “designed to divide the population…by the creation of separate reserves and ghettos for the members of a racial group or groups, the prohibition of mixed marriages…the expropriation of landed property,” and finally, measures that deprive people and organizations of their “fundamental rights and freedoms because they oppose apartheid.”

The Arab citizens of Israel have ALL the rights in the above definition of "Apartheid".

If you are writing about Arabs in the territories under contention, 85% are under ARAB rule. It is true that freedom of movement is curtailed, arrests are made, but they all follow with rules and laws (wether you agree with these laws is another matter completely) and most of that started ONLY after Arafat started a war against Israel in 2000.

All of the denounced "roadblocks" were never there before 2000 when the Arabs began their intifada. You cannot start a war, and then complain that the other side takes steps aginst your violent struggle in which over 1,000 innocent Israelis were blown up by terrorists.


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