02 September 2007

Accidents Happen, Children Die

Israeli army aerial surveillance videos show that 10yr old Mahmoud Ghazal, his 12yr old cousin Yehiya Ghazal, and their 10yr old cousin Sarah Ghazal were children simply playing tag last Tuesday in a Beit Hanun.

An Israeli military tank fired at the three Palestinian children killing them. The troops claimed that they mistook them for militants.

"At the very last second, it was apparent that they were children, but it was impossible to stop the explosion," stated the report.

Maybe their mistake was to be playing near some cheap rocket launcher. Israeli soldiers are ordered to fire at rocket launchers only when militants approach them. Their rationale: launchers alone are cheap and easily replaceable.

Two other children were killed in a similar incident last week. This will also turn out to be an accident and the Palestinians will be blamed once more.


Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

allah y-khallis ahlna mnil-sahayni.

Liliane said...

so sad.


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