15 August 2007

Lebanon: Fatwa to Ban Honor Killings

From rules on how to handle men in Lebanon to the meaning of the name Lamia, we end this round up (see previous post) of Lebanese blogs to a fatwa (religious edict) by a top Shia clergyman which bans honor killings, which he describes as a “repulsive act.”

Rules how to handle Lebanese guys
Our first post today looks into relationships. Lebanon Reporter learned that there are certain rules a girl needs to learn when in Beirut. These are the rules necessary in dealing with Lebanese guys and avoid sending the wrong messages:

Every girl you’ll see walking around in Beirut will appear to be very stuck up. But it’s not that they’re really arrogant… It’s more like a facade. If you DON’T act like you’re the princess, you won’t be able to get anything done or go anywhere. Or worse, you could be sending out the wrong message to a guy.What to do when a guy you don’t like is talking to you:

1) Look extremely bored. Raise an eyebrow, look skeptical, yawn a bit… just get good at using the facial expressions saying: ‘you’re an idiot’.

2) Pretend to be busy. Read something, you need to cross this ultra busy street right now, you’re meeting your boyfriend, whatever. But don’t say you’re married. They will think you’re looking to have fun with someone else since he’s not with you and you’re happily talking to another guy right now.

3) Ignore. ‘What’s your name’ and ‘where are you from’ might seem innocent questions but before you know it, you won’t get rid of the guy.

4) Strut around as if you own the place. Do not make eye contact.

5) NEVER, never ever smile!

Art and Mythology
Einmal-Ist-Keinmal posted the beautiful painting of the half-nude “Lamia”. The name Lamia is popular in the Arab world. Einmal ist Keinmal gives us an idea of the meaning of the name Lamia in Greek mythology as well as its meaning in Arabic. And the meanings are totally different if not opposite:

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