31 August 2007

Google's 'Blogger' Used to Spread Virus

BBC technology news is reporting that Blogger, like the one used to post this piece of news, is being used by malicious hackers. The report states that these hackers are posting fake entries which contain weblinks leading to booby-trapped downloads that could infect Windows PCs. The infected computers are then hijacked and mined for data or used as a base for other attacks.

NB: The links in this post are not malicious, they were not planted by hackers, I can testify to that, honest :-)

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Bedouina said...

I use typepad and I am always getting fake comments with links. Who would be stupid enough to follow a link to a comment with gibberish in it?

I also get fake comments that are trying really hard "Nice site you have here. Here is my page (link) please drop by" and full of grammatical and spelling errors, too. I delete those as well because they aren't real comments and I hate them. Now that I know they could be malicious viruses I just have more reason to sweep them away.

A good housekeeper has to pull down cobwebs and sweep out bugs every day. A good blog housekeeper must do the same.


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