13 June 2007

Terrorism strikes again in Beirut

A powerful blast ripped through Beirut’s seaside, between the Long Beach and Sporting Club swimming facilities in Beirut's Manara district.

The explosion according to VDL targetted Parliamentarian Walid Eido's car.

Update: Al-Moustaqbal Movement MP Walid Edo, his son Khaled, two body guards and two civilians were killed in the Manara car bomb.

Update: Eleven injured civilians. Death toll rose to ten.

More at fellow bloggers: Blogging Beirut and Blacksmiths of Lebanon

Charles Malik
was very close
(50m) to the scene of the explosion and recounts his experience.

Nothing, nothing at all, justifies such acts of terror and in no way should they be condoned ...
Lord have mercy.... we in Lebanon are in dire need for it today ....


RoxieAmerica said...

My heart goes out to the people of Lebanon. It is my wish that tragic events such as these cease to exist.

AM said...

Sietske has a very realistic and close run down of events, worth reading and linking too if you like http://sietske-in-beiroet.blogspot.com/

M Bashir said...

AM: I just read it and left a comment there. I included it in the GVO roundup.

Roxie: Thanks


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