14 June 2007

Lebanon: Living Through Terror

This was yet another violent week here in Lebanon. In addition to the military action, taking place in the North between the Lebanese Army and the militants, and the almost regular explosions taking place around the country, this week was marred by another assassination. A terrorist car bomb explosion took away the lives of Member of Parliament, Walid Eido, his son, his bodyguard and seven civilians who happened to be at the scene of the crime - in addition to around 10 injuries. As a result, a gloomy atmosphere looms over most blogs. Some wrote before the assassination about how the Lebanese were coping with the anxiety of expected explosions and/or war, while others happened to be at the site of the car bomb explosion during the blast and survived to share their experiences. Included in this summary are posts on the political, social and educational repercussions of the violence and explosions as well as tributes to the innocent civilians killed in the blasts and violence.

I will start this weblog with this drawing that Amal posted four days ago and which she titled “Death”:

Bloggers who were at the site of the explosion:

Two bloggers were at a café very close to the site of the explosion that targeted MP Eido. Both wrote about their experience. Photo Beirut said:

However, we were very very close to the bomb that just went off in Beirut late this afternoon, which killed the MP Walid Eido (a member of Hariri’s coalition) and his son and two bodyguards as well as at least 6 others. Waleed and I were walking into the outdoor al-Rawda cafe on the seafront with some friends and were approaching a table next to the water when the massive explosion happened.

And Charles Malik was also there. His account of the explosion was mentioned in yesterday’s roundups. He mentioned that: “Children were playing on the equipment under the setting sun. Mothers were holding their babies. Old men were smoking argile.” Then “BOOM!!!”

Bloggers who were very close:

In addition to being on the site during the explosion, other bloggers were very close to the explosions and also wrote about their experience and reflections. MFL reflected on the new found anxiety and fear that have become part of our lives:

As I speak, 20 minutes ago my house’s foundation shook. I do not know who of my friends are down there (because my friends are meeting there today at this time). But I write, a car loaded with explosives blew up into kingdom, wounding 10 people and five people killed (and I hope the ones I know are not among them).
This is our new trend of life. Worry at every car parked, worrying if this car is loaded with explosives or not. Fear has locked most of the people in their houses, and citizens are dying.

Sietske In Beiroet also heard the blast while on her balcony and went down to the scene. In her photo–report, she takes us, step by step, through the “rather predictable” stages of what goes on when a blast of this type takes place: ...

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RoxieAmerica said...

Oh M. Bashir, these are sad days. Sadder still that outside forces are at play.

The world can not continue to bear these things - I would think wise leaders would wake up to the reality that someone must be done to curb the use of violence by extremists.


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