14 May 2007

Lebanon: On Freedom, War and Olive Oil

The Lebanese bloggers wrote about a wide variety of topics this week making it difficult to cover them all in just one summary. This week’s weblog covers topics like the upcoming Lebanese presidential election, the Winograd Report regarding the Israeli July 2006 war on Lebanon, Lebanese agricultural products, Syrian workers, freedom of speech and freedom to blog in the Arab world, resistance to colonialism and the implications of being a leftist in Lebanon.

Although this summary attempts to cover as many interesting blog posts as possible, others are still left out because of lack of space and time. So always check back as more blogs and topics are surveyed each week.

Go here to read the rest about: the Presidential Election, the Winograd Report, Lentils and Olive Oil, Syrian Workers in Lebanon, the Freedom to Blog, Resilience and Anti–Imperialism, and on being a Lebanese Leftist.



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