23 May 2007

Explosion in Aley

A powerful explosion went off in the commercial district of the mountain resort of Aley a short time ago.
LBCI TV station said several people were injured in the blast which also caused extensive damage to homes and shops.

Reports of 6 civilians lightly injured. Bomb was placed under the stairs of a building.
Reports about two Syrian citizens heavily beaten by angry Lebanese before security forces intervened.


notorious said...

ya zalami, emta la7a2et, hala2 ba3don 7atina 3al tv, latkun.... 3arfein abel b wa2et?!?!!? :P shu musa? la7 nshik b amrak?

M Bashir said...

bad new travels fast ya J.

notorious said...

l7amdila 3al saleme w sory ma da2aytilak bas kenet wa2i3 b kam shagle ana kamein, tc


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