21 May 2007

Car Explosion in Verdun near Scoozi

The explosion resulted from a car bomb near Scoozi restaurant which is in the same building as the Russian cultural center. The damage is about a kilometer in diameter.

Six civilian injuries were reported.

Damages vary from fires in buildings (as high as 4th floor), destruction of cars, to the shattering of glass etc. all around the point of the explosion which near the Russian cultural center and not far from Dunes. Verdun street, which is officially late PM Rashid Karami street, was recently under renovation, reconstruction and widening of its sidewalks to make it an open mall. The street was made a one way from the Concorde bldg to where the explosion occured. Lycee Verdun has its Secondary division near the explosion site as well as the official residence of the Speaker of Parliament (Ayn el Tina) and the home of ex PM Mikati.


apokraphyte said...

Updates are appreciated. Be safe -- dave

Leila said...

The damage is a kilometer in radius? What kind of bomb is this?

Lord help Lebanon. I am very concerned.

M Bashir said...

thanks dave, thanks leila

Nouj sick and tired!!! said...

"يجب ان يقف اللبنانيون صفّاً واحدا
الظاهر انو هالصفّ بودّي عالمقصلة


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