05 April 2007

Silly Kisses that may Heal Broken Hearts

Is this supposed to be compatible with the I love the culture of life, truth seeking, democratic, civilized, cedar revolution, progressive future, uber–Lebanese ideals?

I am sure damn–proud–to–postpone–cease–fire Bolton is very very proud of him.

Damn–proud–Bolton just told Marcel Ghanem (LBC) that the intention was to hand sovereignty of South Lebanon to the “democratically” elected government of Lebanon.

Damn right he is!

Handing it over after destroying every home, killing every kid, and leaving it cluttered, like hell, with made in USA cluster bombs.

Damn–proud–to–be–discharged–without–honors–Bolton (and whomever he represents) has the nerve to lecture us on what the Lebanese people deserve.

It is only here that such people, who admit openly their share in the killing of fellow citizens, are honored, visited and allowed to speak their minds on national TV.

Back to the forbidder of hugs and kisses.

What does he want exactly? Does anyone know? Life lover indeed.

Go get a life, but not mine nor my childrens'.

(image by Amal)


MarxistFromLebanon said...

Bolton spelled it out loud and clear: Arab Leaders, but not to "his knowledge Lebanese, encouraged Israel to bomb Hezbollah, which of course Israel bombed the WHOLE Lebanon, now some stupid idiot can accuse me of 8th of March for saying that TOO LOUD

Sophia said...

Great post I just noticed nw despite visiting your newer posts on the WE.
The point is how does this work with the Love Life Campaign and the answer is sublime: Go get a life !
Damn Proud Killer, that is what Botlton is.


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