16 April 2007

Four Years of Life Left

The honeybees are disappearing.

Honeybees pollinate most of the world's crops.
Albert Einstein once said that if the bees disappeared, "man would have only four years of life left".

100% of almond trees (crop value $2.2 billion), 90% of apple trees (2.1 billion), 90% of blueberries (0.5 billion) are among the fruits, vegetables, nuts and other crops pollinated by honey bees each year in the United States.

Therefore, when the honeybees start disappearing at a rate reaching to 70% in some regions of the United States with no traces left, and when this phenomenon starts spreading out and reaching Europe, then there is a genuine reason for alarm.

It is still not clear why this is happening, but there is speculation that the use of cell phones may be the culprit.


bech said...

I knew it that cellphones are going o bring the end of us!

nolocontendere said...

No, I really doubt the cell phones are the cause. Cell phones frequencies have been around for years; we're living in a sea of radiated energy yet the bee die off was very sudden this year.

The big clue is the absense of dead bees in the hives. Something in the environment is destroying their ability to navigate. To me the two most probable causes are gene spliced crops which changed the pollen or a change in the sun's energy output which essentially blinds them.


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