07 April 2007

Easter Cluster Bomb Hunt

Anti-war groups are protesting the use of cluster bombs by staging an Easter Cluster Bomb Hunt near the White House at the same time as the traditional Monday morning Easter egg hunt on the White House lawn. It should be noted that the U.S. State Department rejected (February) an international call to abandon the use of cluster bombs. Noted too is the legislation introduced by democratic senators to bar US use of cluster bombs in or near civilian areas.

Thousands of outstanding youth won't be joining President Bush as guests at this year's White House Easter Egg Hunt because these children had their lives blown apart by insidious unexploded American-made "bomblets," in places like Cambodia, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon. To highlight the ongoing crippling and killing of these children, we're having a (papier-mâchá, chocolate-filled) Cluster Bomb Hunt for kids. Local activists have created the decorated cluster bombs. Some resemble the decoy relief food packets our military uses. A WMD hunt for the adults will follow. White House North Lawn, a k a Lafayette Square. (Around the Nation)
Lest I forget, Happy Easter and Happy Prophet's Birthday Eid to all.



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