09 March 2007

Teachers' Day

Today is teachers' day in this part of the blogosphere.
And since Berri and Hariri met last night and resolved the issues over a late night meal. I shall now travel away from Beirut to meet some old foes, from different sects (spoken as a Lebanese who is in and proclaiming his non sectarian affiliation), where we will dine, drink and resolve our issues on the snow covered Mount Lebanon, the miracle and pride of blessed modern day Phoenicia.
Before I leave, this is the view from the teachers' lounge at the school where I work, if and when I look up horizontally.
Today's quiz: What is the view when, at the same position, I look vertically down?
Good luck and enjoy.


Bedouina said...

Quiz response - I don't know. But I know where the school is! My mom taught there from '93 to 2002, and my dad went to school there from 1949 to 1953. Wish I could visit you there, Bashir.

Bashir said...

Leila: So glad to hear that. It is a small world after all. You're always welcome, Wadad makes good coffee.

Sophia said...

Happy teacher's day. Enjoy ! It is hard for me to tell you what you see if you look down. I am not a Beiruti, although I lived partly in Beirut between 1977 and 1981 (yes unbelievable !) and used to visit often before and only twice after (1982 and 2005 !) but let me guess...
Protest tents ?
Army Barrage ?
Militia Barrage ?
Post-Israeli rubble ?
Enigmatic bomb hole ?
Homeless ?
A Kaak seller ?
Jesus Christ, Mohammad and Ali joining hands ?
A Saatchi and Saatchi 'I love Hummus' advertising panel ?

min geir el notorious said...

bachir thats from the smoc roof right? i remember once they had this rule, that watches werent allowed, coz dey kept checkin n countin the seconds till the setion was over, the idiot dimas didnt knaw that there was a big ass clock right out the window, HAPPY TEACHERS DAY BACHIR

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

mabrook the new fresh look. you teach in lubnan? i would LOVE to teach in lubnan.

Bashir said...

Sophia, you guessed some of them right: protestor (some of my students), army at AUB main gate (just in case), homeless, kaak seller, what's more is that there is a graveyard (directly down, near a church, maybe there is where they hold hands), and of course there is always plenty of hummus around. Great job. :-)

Notorious, we now have clocks over the blackboard in front of the students in all classes.

IBJ, thanks, and maybe someday you will.

Leila said...

Isn't one of those buildings the old main hall? Name? 'Cause my dad *lived* in it as a student, and then 40+ years later, my mom had her office there...And I went to see her & had coffee with her dept. (Ed. Psych.)

In fact I am seriously considering going. Josh Landis of Syria Comment swears it will be okay this summer. I've got research to do in Mieh-Mieh, maybe at AUB, and also (for a different book) in Cairo.

Leila said...

Yup, I live the glamorous life: San Francisco, Beirut, Cairo... Mieh-Mieh!!!

You can take the girl out of the dai'ah but you can't take the dai'ah out of the girl....

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Belated Happy Teacher's Day!


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