17 March 2007


Have you noticed

that the number of posts, in the Lebanese blogosphere, about The Report (by the UN commission probing the assassination of Hariri) is inversely proportional to the degree to which The Report
states that the Syrian government is cooperating.

that the number of comments on As'ad's posts is directly proportional to the amount of 'praises' that he bestows on Israel.


apokraphyte said...

Indeed, I did notice. But in truth, the report offers very little in the way of substance, it is hard to know what to say. The investigation is definitely in a holding pattern, waiting for clearance on when and where to land. Still, good point.

jij said...

good observation

Anonymous said...

asad is a retard. always thought he was.

nightS said...

yup, i did!

Ms Levantine said...

Maybe it is just due to UN Report fatigue. It must be the 20th version and nothing substantial is coming out of it.

Onn the other hand, we need some excitment. Implicating the Syrian regime will make our fellow bloggers go wild.

Abu Khalil craves attention. Anything to get comments. I mean the guy reported that someone called Abu Khalil got killed during the June war and started receiving condoleances on line, although they were not related.

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Hi MB,

I quite agree with the immanent mathematical/physical laws you’ve brought to light in your latest post.
The kids in the “Dahiyeh” don’t call you Al-Ustaz Al Kabeer for nothing !

The U.N. report is a piece of propagandashit dressed up as legalistic ratiocination.

What would you expect from bureaucrats who shamelessly chose to starve 600,000 Iraqi kids from 1990-2002 in order to “implement fully and immediately” the leftovers of some obsolete UN resolution as if it were critical for the future of mankind.

Meanwhile, a third generation of Palestinian refugees is still waiting for the “implementation” of the many UN resolution pertaining to the occupation of their ancestral lands by Israeli invaders.

It’s been 40 years already.

Sometimes “Al Haqiqa” takes it time.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

interesting note, I was busy away from bloging, or to follow up what is going on ... been busy lately

jooj said...

Yalla lets find a pattern and develop an equation.

No seriously, this a good point!


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