20 March 2007

Name Calling

Operation Just Reward?
Operation Change of Direction?
Israel's committee for official ceremonies decided that the 'campaign' that killed more than a thousand Lebanese last summer (one third of which were children) will be explicitly called a war.
Is that what it was?
So it was not a display of fireworks?!
It was a freaking war?!
And two reserve generals and a law professor are commissioned to come up with a fitting name for it?!
Why not call it 'popcorn war' to commemorate the more than a million cluster bombs that litter about a third of Lebanon, and are still killing and maiming on daily basis.
Is it me or does this make one feel insulted?
It's like:
yeh, we got ourselves a new pet, so what shall we call it, what shall we call it, mmmm, I wonder, what shall we...?


أمل said...

They have names for everything


Anonymous said...

You know, you were not the only one who sufferd from this war, israel has a lot of casualties and a lot of dead children too, thanks to your feedom fighters...

Jamal said...

how about Operation Angry Olmert?

Operation Capped Binoculars?

or just plain ol' Clusterfuck.

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Well frankly MB I think you and the courageous kids of Jabal ‘Amel should be honored.

To use an expression in vogue amongst 17th century Gallic literati, it’s kind of the “homage vice pays to virtue”.

It’s a sweet delight (of the “rahat lukum” kind) to savor the moment as Bushmert, Adelman and the “cakewalk crowd” have to swallow this bitter humble pie- if you’ll allow this extended culinary metaphor my dear Ustaz.


Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

brother moussa,

this is a good sign. it means that the israeli establishment, and society, is losing stability. the very unstable and unnatural arab regimes have been adept masters at name-calling for decades, and if the israelis are now on par operationally with the arab regimes, then let's welcome that!

notorious said...

jamal... hehehe nice

Liliane said...

Hmm, good it didn't take them one year to realize it was a war, that's actually a good sign. I guess the next one will be immediately labelled as a war, something to look forward to. :S


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