27 February 2007

March 24: Turn Off Day

Shut down your computer completely for twenty-four hours?!

Can you do that? (Can I?)
Try doing it as a "part of one of the biggest global experiments ever to take place on the internet".

Shutdown your computer on the 24 of March and find out if you can survive not using it for one whole day.

Anyway, whether you can or cannot, go to Shutdown Day if you would like to participate in the can/cannot survey.

Thanks nightS


Sophia said...

I definitely can't unless I am really physically away. My computer has become an extension of my mind.

nolocontendere said...

But,but....then how can I know if it's happening?

Eve said...

ما يعذبوا حالهم. من هلق عم قلك، المشروع فاشل :p

buh said...

I just got a computer in July, and started using the internet a few months earlier at the library. So I suppose I could do without it, but why participate in this. What would you be protesting?

a h m a d said...

That would be very challenging for me.

Gattina said...

I just put a comment on that in 192 countries ! But I can repeat : I could but I wouldn't. Why should I ? I don't work anymore, I have no children to take care of no household to do. Hanging in front of the TV the whole day, going out or shopping ? Twiddle my thumbs ? No ! blogs, internet and computer have become my hobby, and as I am not a masochist, I just do the same as every day on this particular date.


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