24 February 2007

A Lost Summer: Postcards from Lebanon

By Lazarus at Lebanese Blogger Forum

"During this summer war, many people wrote their thoughts and feelings and sent them to friends and family via emails, blogs, and text messages. After several months of work, a group of individuals (mainly members of a London-based organization named Lebanon United) have been able to compile a collection of quotations from these writings with the aim of capturing the essence of that time. The writings come from Lebanese and non-Lebanese, and were paired (in the form of postcards) with personal photographs that individuals had taken, making this book one for the people by the people.

A sample of this book, which has been called "A Lost Summer: Postcards from Lebanon", can be viewed with this link. For those interested in buying a copy, or if you would like more information, please contact me at lettersapart@gmail.com, and your message will be forwarded to the proper contacts.

Because of a wonderful sponsor that covered the printing costs, every dollar (or pound or lira) you spend on this will be donated in support of Lebanon."



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