01 February 2007

Lebanon:General Strike

A general strike that was called for by the opposition brought Lebanon to a standstill today.Bloggers posted photos, video clips, analysis and updates on the strike and the activities that ensued.
MFL updates and writes about how the strike effected various places and aspects of Lebanese society.

The Opposition are differing whether this is going to be 48 hours or all week.
Nevertheless, both camps proved how they are reactionary and the workers are
facing each other. Today also proves that the demand on Hezbollah to disarm is
not logical, rather, all parties should disarm.
Blogging the Middle East posts photos of the protests and has this to say:
Yesterday I was telling a few people how the opposition will never succeed with
its pacifist attitudes and behaviour in toppling the government, and that if
they want to achieve anything, they will have to shift onto a militant stance.
Well, it seems they finally heard me. And about time that they did something
like this.
Beirut to Beltway reports on the riots during the strike:

read the rest is here...



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