25 February 2007

Joseph Samaha!

It's official. I was told this afternoon but I did not believe it.
Joseph Samaha died today of a heart attack in London.

Samaha was a prominent journalist who, during his lifetime, wrote, co-founded and held administrative positions in the Lebanese news media, among them are newspapers such as as-Safir and al-Hayat.
He was the editor in chief of the newly published al-Akhbar newspaper before he death.

He will be missed.


Sophia said...

That's a great loss for the Truth and for incisive minds and a gain for the propagandist bunch in the Arab press and the dull minds who read them. I am sad.

Ms Levantine said...

Definitely a loss, as we need more than the usual approved views. On the other hand, I am not too clear about the impact of intellectuals in the Arab World.

Sophia, tks for remind us the the Truth (with a capital T) lurks out there.

jooj said...

ya di3ano ...
I think the middle east just lost one it most outstanding political thinkers.

Anonymous said...

i couldn't be angryer at him. How can he leave us like that? I just can't get over the feeling of being lost. It's just not right..

Anonymous said...

as many said:
Now we have to think again, to work again. He used to tell us what is going around us in a very simple deep objective and direct way. Now we have to do all of this our selves.


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